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It seems framagit.org has been down for some time now. Is there an official mirror of it? edit: it’s back

Also anyone know any other good implementations for the same protocol? I ask because of two reasons:

  • I think hubzilla kind of does too much (just auth would be fine, maybe contacts; I can understand wanting calendar, but beyond that I would draw the line)
  • Not a huge fan of running PHP on my servers

I completely agree with you. But in every field I’ve worked in getting actual good security implemented is usually diametrically opposed to end-user convenience.

As a side note what Element did with the verification icon-strings was pretty neat.

True, the element.io site offers the browser client first, which I find wrong. On the other hand some of Signal’s choices were justified by “helping adoption” so I guess that falls under the same category.

Currently I can’t find a way to see which client another user is using in the Element mobile app. Not sure if that is even possible. So I guess for really sensitive matters you have to make sure your collaborators know how to stay safe. And of course if your use-case really required a web-client you could just self-host it.

That linked article talks about how crypto in browser is easily subverted. You don’t have to use matrix with a browser client and most people I know use standalone clients.

Almost through Cryptonomicon. While I’ve read and loved many Neal Stephenson’s books it took me a second try to get this one going. But once it got going I love it.