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Isn’t that similar to arguments for or against the War on Drugs? Or rather how to deal with a real problem without demonizing people while doing so?

The cultural difference is about how a society deals with a situation. People into lolicon or child porn exist everywhere, and any kind of sexual exploitation of children is illegal and highly immoral in Japan as well (as it should be of course).

Sure, I am not saying you should not defederate if there are good reasons for it, but maybe other ways can be found that don’t require full de-federation of instances?

Oh and DMs are a totally different topic. Personally I think DMs should not be a thing in forums or the fediverse at all as the downsides are way higher than the upsides. If you want to exchange personal messages you can easily and more safely do so though XMPP etc.

Would you de-federate with instances where some users post Furry porn? I think de-federation should be a means of last resort, not first… otherwise why federate at all?

They seem to have a soft spot for lolicon, which is gross regardless of legality. Users have the right to not see child fetish art on their timeline.

Not my thing either, but this really is a cultural difference and I kinda understand the Japanese point of view that hiding it behind a NSFW tag should be sufficient (as with any other pornographic images, such as Furry porn which seems to enjoy a lot of popularity on the Fediverse somehow).

However the problem is that since Mastodon and other such Fediverse servers cache images and other content, this legally means that federating with these Japanese servers could get the server admins in really big legal trouble as many countries criminalize the possession of even drawn or “look-alike” child-pornography / lolicon.

In the end it points to a larger issue, i.e. how is the Fediverse going to handle moral/legal differences in a global federation, when a lot of things can be perfectly legal and acceptable in one country but not in others especially with potential criminal charges involved.

Hmm, I have heared so and recently I recommended it to a person online and the response was positive (as in they installed it and it worked apparently).

I don’t use Windows myself so no idea…

There is also UWXP for Windows10/11. Looks pretty nice and lots of development recently.

In Gajim you need to press ctrl+up to edit the last message.

Its true that the XEP says only the last message, but ConverseJS for example also allows older messages to be edited.

For now they seem to stick to their idea to not support MUC group chats and only the MIX standard. I hope they will drop that misguided idea soon, but if not it isn’t really usable for anything other than 1:1 chats.

It can, but requires a Prosody XMPP server setup quite similar to Snikket (which is Prosody internally).

But their forks of Conversations and Siskin are only minor changes sticking otherwise to upstream, so I highly doubt they with change much based on suggestions by users.

Many XMPP clients do support editing send messages, but I agree, simply adding some more convenience features will not bring back users to XMPP.

Apparently the Telegram client’s code is a complete mess and no one has dared to touch it at that level other then the official developers. At least that is what I was told by people who looked into doing exactly what you suggested.

Without programming skills that will be difficult… and I think contributing to existing projects is probably more worthwhile than starting yet another client.

At least for the desktop PC the new UI for Gajim will be really nice and should arrive sometimes soon.

As for Android, I don’t see much wrong with Conversations / Blabber.im.

I think some of the features people are asking for are a bit beyond mere client implementation and rather need an agreement on how to implement that first. For example message reactions and stickers exists in Movim, but no other modern client implements these, so they tend to be invisible to a large part of the users of a channel.

The companion video about Cottage Core is also interesting.

Oh, this seems like an interesting project. Thanks for sharing! However re-implementing everything in a obscure programming language when the Libervia XMPP client is already doing some of what is planned seems a bit of a waste.

No, accounts are not federated. But you can just follow a lemmygrad community via your lemmy.ml account and post on it more or less as if you had an account there. Just paste the community URL into the search box on lemmy.ml to add it to your subscriptions.

poVoqtoSolar Punk@lemmy.mlKite Turbines

At a certain height winds are quite constant.

Otherwise… since it is tethered anyways, why not use some of the power to heat air in a hot-air balloon type of floating device?

No, as Diaspora is not using the ActivityPub standard and also not planning to switch to it.

Most translation systems are geared towards translation of individual strings in a software, but this can actually do translations in the context of a document…

Not so sure about that, but interesting article never the less…

Ergo IRC Server

I have been running this for a while now and it works really well. Super easy to setup and works great in combination with https://kiwiirc.com/